• Student Design Award 2019
  • Student Design Award 2019
  • Student Design Award 2019

Student Design Award 2019

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Penguin Student Design Award- Third Place winner in the Children's Fiction category. 

For my design, I focused on Wonder’s strap line - ‘You can’t blend in if you are born to stand out’ - for inspiration. This quote, and the book’s themes of embracing being unique and being kind to others, inspired me to want to create a cover that would stand out amongst the existing designs and be something that would make children want to pick up Wonder and become involved in the story.
I chose to depict Auggie on the front of my cover, as he is the pivotal character in Wonder, abstractly through bright orange and yellow, to create almost a sense of magic around his character, as his uniqueness ultimately guides the whole story. I thought also that bright colours would help celebrate the story of kindness in Wonder.

‘A beautiful cover that radiates with life’ Anna Billson – Art Director, Penguin Random House UK Children’s

‘Inventive and playful. I love the clever creation of a real “personality” on the cover, out of abstract colour and shapes and lettering. A very original approach’ Francesca Dow – Managing Director, Penguin Random House UK Children's

‘A wonderfully vibrant cover. The level of abstraction is measured and effective and the bold type makes the whole cover fly’ Jan Bielecki – Guest Judge

‘This is a great way to represent the main character. I love the integration of type and illustration, and the use of a vivid colour palette to make the overall cover design really stand out – just like Auggie himself!’ Laura Ellen Anderson – Guest Judge

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